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Mena Teijeiro is an Intuitive Consultant (Booth MBA and healer), the founder of Awaken Flow™ framework and app, the author of "The Alchemy of Words", and the owner and host of The Florrest Awakens LLC, her home and retreat center nestled in 182 acres of forest in middle Georgia. She values connection, harmony, and a sustainable approach to life. She is a powerful guide for souls to claim deeply fulfilling lives and become the gift they truly are for themselves and this World.


Menita is a bright and playful girl, always ready for adventure, excited to meet new people, and delighted to share with her loved ones. She is creative, full of courage, and a beesy Queen. During challenging situations she will use her sting of light to bring back clarity and peace.

"Experience is the mother of Wisdom. Curiosity is the father of Knowledge. Presence is the Child of an Intense Life. Now re-birthed as an Igniter and Creator of Possibilities." 

Mena had a wake-up call at the age of 33 when she was feeling numb and uninspired. She was married and a mom of two toddlers when her husband moved them into a beautiful house in Florida with the plan for them to live there until the kids went off to college. She felt breathless realizing she had everything on the checklist this society promotes and she still felt very unhappy! When she became aware of this, she could no longer continue this misaligned life. It led her to experience a raging divorce as she clawed for a sense of self-worth, independence, and an opportunity to live a life that truly inspired her.


Four years out of the job market to raise her boys and with a background in the troubled financial industry, she wondered how was she going to leverage her BA in Economics and an MBA from Booth Chicago while still being a present mom. Did she have a strategy? No. Any medium-term career goals? Not yet. She simply listened to and followed her heart.


She embarked on a deep process of self-discovery: journalling daily through the divorce, going on many retreats, studying from diverse teachers, traveling to mystical destinations, reading vast amounts of books, and experiencing a vast spectrum of practices. Mena was searching for the Light. The deeper she went into this exploration she realized it was always within her. She needed to let go of her lifelong conditioning to be able to see it! To BE it. 


Before it became a trend, she began developing mindfulness apps on her own in 2013. Durning 2014, she hosted a weekly event called Menafesting Community. Inspired by Toastmasters, she realized how much she and others benefited from a 1-hour meeting that was well planned out. Each week she would invite a speaker and have them share so the guests could experience their work. The keywords were connect (with yourself and others), learn, and implement. She realized that the implementation part was weak and inconsistent.


As the New Year began, she decided that it was important to explore how to strengthen the implementation of new habits. She declared that she would create a program for it and she set a date for an information session. Five days later, three people showed up and they all signed up for the journey. Once Mena had committed to sharing, she got the download of her Awaken Flow program and it was birthed in January 2015.


Since then, she has taught it in English and Spanish, to groups and individually, in-person and online, every time discovering brighter angles to the framework. In 2017, she gave a TEDx talk in Argentina about the program which she called; La ‘Alquimia de VIvir Jugando’. That same year she published her book “The Alchemy of Words, Poems of Truth to Transform your Inner Landscape." 

During a period of instability regarding co-parenting and where the kids would live, she focused on getting certified in many healing techniques and programs and continued supporting clients. She fell in love with alchemy bowls and added sound healing to her skills. 

When COVID began, she had experienced 10 years of deep healing and personal development. 2020 became the year where her life grounded: she moved to live in a dome house within a 182-acre forest she purchased in Georgia, her kids moved to live in Tennessee with their dad, she met the man that could both tame her and let her be wild, she completed the development of the Awaken Flow app and began preparing the property to host groups for them to rest and awaken.


Mena's life now reflects the fruits of what she teaches. She brings together her analytical mind, her deeply awakened intuition, and a sacred space for souls to feel at hOMe. 

You are Ready. AF!