We invite you to buzz over to the explanation of the Framework before exploring this app.

For each of these foundation areas, we focus on the Keys we choose for the duration of a season. This information is summarized on the Beesy Sheet that the app generates.

When we are consistent with the daily activation: we upgrade our subconscious, incorporate better habits, and take aligned actions.

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 I choose this life to be a journey to experience the deep fulfillment my soul came for. I navigate the unknown by bringing awareness to the 6 key foundation areas required to sustain this awakened life. I am busy being instead of doing from conditioning.

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I activate all my previous investments in self-development and education by using Awaken Flow’s powerful framework to organize in the Awaken Records area what I’ve learned from teachers, books, workshops, and programs in a way that creates the greatest shift.

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This is where the daily activation happens. I am responsible for focusing consistently on strengthening my foundation daily and steadily through the seasons of life. I have enough discipline to align in all areas and I allow flow to guide me through the unknown.

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We can accelerate our journey by choosing and connecting with our own wisdom hive. It is made up of the souls we want 'close' and be accountable with, while still being anchored in our own sovereignty. Together we thrive with our Hive as we cross-pollinate and overflow.

The app generates the Beesy Sheet when you set up your Awaken Records and choose the elements you want to work on in your foundation for the current season.