Awaken Flow™ is a powerful framework to navigate the unknown while claiming a deeply fulfilling life. 

It simplifies our approach to life so we can deal with the complexity of being human with wisdom and sovereignty. We can thrive together with our chosen hive through the seasons.

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  • Engaging in self-sabotage.

  • Held back by limiting beliefs.

  • Uncomfortable in my body. 

  • Absence of boundaries with others and poor communication.

  • Disconnected from my inner power and knowing.

  • Depression and anxiety. 

  • Absence of passion.

  • Lack of clarity and direction, what is my North Star?

  • Concerned with the competition.

  • Abiding in lack and fear.

  • Feeling like a victim.

  • Deeper and evolving self-love.

  • Acknowledging limiting beliefs and using them as fuel for transformation.

  • Honoring and celebrating my body. 

  • Clear boundaries with others.

  • Developing my inner vision.

  • Joy and gratitude in every moment. 

  • Claiming a deeply fulfilling life.

  • Peaceful and grounded in my own foundation.

  • Choosing my own Hive and growing together as co-creators.

  • Sovereign individual.

  • Taking full responsibility for my life.


Imagine in this moment being able to focus on the key perspectives that collapse this Now with a deeply fulfilling Now. Then we would feel peaceful and productive knowing that we are doing our best and that we are accelerating our transformation to live a vibrant life that is authentic to our soul.


When we focus on healing, life becomes about healing. When we focus on overflowing our gifts to the World (while addressing what is arising), healing happens faster so that we can embody the qualities and habits for a joyful, abundant, and connected life where our presence shifts the planet. 

There is a vast library of teachings, religions, philosophies, theories, and movements on the planet guiding humans on how to live. Depending on where we were born, what we were taught, and the experiences we have had, we will have different approaches. 

The Law of Attraction is known for teaching us to visualize and feel what we desire so we can take the steps to manifest it. Neuroscience explores neuro-plasticity and the capacity our brains have to create new pathways for new habits. Yoga and mindfulness bring us awareness of what we can be grateful for now. 


Awaken Flow™️ celebrates simplifying and focusing on four key perspectives that impact our lives the most and you probably already know them. The power resides in remembering to use them and applying them consistently with clarity. 

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Choose the vibration my soul desires and claim it now.

+ Take action today no matter how small.

-  Observe where I am stumbling and choose a better habit without shame or guilt.

!  Celebrate and be grateful for what already is. 

These key perspectives can be used for all areas of our life. A framework can support their implementation.


Each one of us is responsible for establishing a solid foundation to receive and sustain a deeply fulfilling life.


If we got our dream job and we weren't healthy, our bodies wouldn't be able to keep up with the physical demands of a successful venture. If we found our romantic partner and didn't fully love ourselves we would not be able to sustain that connection with harmony. If we were focused on work and doing our best without enjoying life through our passions, we would lose our desire to keep going. 


We're creating the foundation for a life we can't yet grasp with our conditioned minds since we haven’t lived it yet! We are really navigating the unknown, preparing for an abundant and sustainable life. We can choose to be guided and supported by what created us. All humans were created by something. It doesn't matter what we call IT. Our Creator knows us intimately, loves us, and can bring us back to wholeness. To peace and fulfillment. 


This framework celebrates and embraces different personalities and beliefs. It is based on Nature which is a common denominator for humanity. 


Awaken Flow™ invites you to make these commitments for yourself:

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AWAKEN FLOW-relampago-06.png
AWAKEN FLOW-relampago-06.png
AWAKEN FLOW-relampago-06.png

I claim a deeply fulfilling life as I navigate the unknown.

I am responsible for my own foundation and grateful that all experiences support me.

I practice enough discipline to flow into an inspired and creative life.

I am taking my authentic place on the planet and together we thrive.

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Self Love

How well am I taking care of my mind, body, and environment by detoxing and nurturing them? 


How well am I honoring my body by being aware and training it for strength, flexibility, endurance, and harmony?


How effectively do I connect, communicate, and interact with others while setting clear boundaries with respect? 

Inner Vision

How intimately do I explore my inner World to clear it of conditioning and trauma and activate the Universe within? 

Passions and Hobbies

How deeply am I diving into my passions and hobbies to enjoy life and experience flow states?

Sharing My Gifts

What are my soul’s unique gifts and how am I supported to share them in my home, community, and planet.


The Beesy Sheet is a blueprint where we organize ourselves to be busy being (different than just being busy). Each pillar of our foundation is approached with the four key perspectives. This gives us an empowered approach to each new day. We can practice enough discipline (aligned actions) to flow in the direction of our fulfillment.


We can accelerate our journey by choosing our own wisdom hive. It is made up of the souls we want to keep top of mind and close to our heart, while still being anchored in our own sovereignty. We get to include colleagues, mentors, friends, partners, and family, including our children.


Together we thrive with our Hive as we cross-pollinate, hold each other accountable, and celebrate the overflow.

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"In the Hive, we are all beesy (busy being); individual and sovereign souls supporting each other, cross-pollinating our gifts, and growing together as co-creators.


The garden flourishes and the flow of nectar is sweet."