In this section of the app, I journal to set intentions and gain clarity for myself in these areas:

1. Self Love - How well am I taking care of my mind, body, and environment by detoxing and nurturing them? 

2. Body - How am I honoring my body by being aware and training it for strength, flexibility, endurance, and harmony? 

3. Relationships - How effectively do I connect, communicate, and interact with others while setting clear boundaries with respect? 

4. Inner Vision - How intimately do I explore my inner world to clear it of conditioning and trauma and activate the Universe within? 

5. Passions & Hobbies - How deeply am I diving into my passions and hobbies to enjoy life and experience flow states. 

6. Sharing My Gifts - What are my soul's unique gifts and how am I supported to share them in my home, community, and planet. 


Every new season, I revisit these areas and journal again.