In this section of the app, I choose what to focus on for this season from my Awaken Records.


Example: for each foundation area choose 1 = , 4 + , 1 -, 1 !

Self Love:

 = I deeply love myself as my creator does. 

+ Morning journal for 10 minutes

+ Drink fresh celery juice

+ Epsom salt bath

+ Clear out clothes I no longer use from my closet. 

- Instead of wronging myself for what I didn't do, I get to celebrate what I did accomplish. 

! I am grateful for the time I take to nourish my body with healthy food. 


Once the information is selected, the app generates a Beesy Sheet summarizing my personal focus. When other opportunities, situations, and emotions arise that take me away from my plan, I flow with them navigating towards that deeper fulfillment.